Stealth Sex- MtF Post-Op

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Stealth Sex- MtF Post-Op

Postby ginzuishou » Mon Sep 08, 2008 12:32 am

For those with MtF sexual experience post-op:

What's your experience with sex and non-disclosure? Both generally, and also specifically with receiving oral sex.

Have you done it? Ever been read during or after sex?

I've had a few stealth sexual encounters but always worry about letting anyone go down on me. Do you think people can tell something is fishy down there? (pun intended)

My surgical result is amazing and top notch but as far as stealth oral sex, I do have a few concerns over a piece of flesh here and there, and of course some scars on my bikini line. Also, I worry that I taste different than a biowoman.

Any thoughts?
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